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NavCal History

NavCal Inc. was first incorporated as a small business corporation in Valley, Alabama on 6 June 1988 to design, produce, and sell software and hardware products that enhanced marine safety for recreational and professional boaters.  We operated out of the Micro Services Group buliding. It has now been reactivated as NavCal Marine Services LLC with offices at 8016 Ellisville Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee and its primary businesse is NavCal Marine Services, LLC.

The dedication to safety that has always driven the Company (see below) still exists today in all of our operations. Our commitment to making commercial boating safer and more enjoyable for  everyone has not changer in over 25 years. Today's Company employees have a combined record of over 70 years of vessel operations experience in both fresh and salt water on commercial and recreational vessels. Let us put this experience to work for you.

NavCal's first product was NCDRLOG a DOS based program that took latitude, longitude, course, and speed from a LORAN receiver and generated a Coast Guard approved Dead Reckoning Log of a vessels course. It would automatically record the information every 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes plus allowing the captain to enter comments whenever he wanted to do so. It stored this data in a file that could be printed but not changed.

LORAN was slow to respond and not as accurate as the GPS receivers we have today. The updated software is no longer available today and not being marketed. Lack of time because of commitments to Micro Services Group (see above left, a Microsoft certified computer consulting company) and the Alabama Air National Guard forced the old corporation to become dormant after the 1990 tax year.

NavCal Marine Services participated as lead US consultant in the complete redesign of a 55 Ton Marine Hydraulic Cable Puller for assisting in removing large vessels that are aground. This project was for Woojung Marine in Buson, South Korea. Using a cable puller for extraction is safer than using a high capacity ocean tug because of the launch velocity when the vessel comes free of the obstruction. In the United States traction equipment can be rented from Naval Sea Systems Command. See also U S Navy Towing Manual for more information on extraction and towing of large vessels.

NavCal Marine Services currently has under development a passenger vessel monitor.

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