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Each modern 195 foot by 35 foot by 12 foot hopper barge can transport approximately 1,500 tons of material. Barge transportation is approximately 1/15 the cost of shipping by truck and 1/2 the cost of shipping by rail. If you are located anywhere near a major river or the intracoastal waterway you should investigate the use of barge transportation. If you need to contact a shipper you in your area you can find one through the American Waterways Operators. The industry moves approximately 800 million tons of material each year with 4,000 towboats and 27,000 barges..

From Navigation on the Tennessee River by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) "Because just one barge can transport as much tonnage as 15 rail cars or 60 semi-trucks water transportation also offers some important benefits in terms of highway safety. It reduces fuel consumption, air pollution, wear and tear on highways, and the number of tires going into landfills".

Towboats operate 24 hours per day and do not stop for fuel or crew changes. The larger, line-haul boats have approximately 10,500 horsepower and usually swing three 10-foot diameter propellers. They burn about 13,000 gallons of diesel per day but may be moving 75,000 tons of material in one 50-barge tow on the lower Mississippi River. Barges are very will suited to agricultural commodities, petroleum products, and all forms of bulk cargo. They move 60% of the US export of grain. The barge and towboat industry is a very vital part of the United States transportation infrastructure.

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