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Other Marine Navigation Related Sites and Information of Interest

Obviously the first site of interest to ALL mariners is the United States Coast Guard. This main CG site gives you access to much useful information. Unfortunately the CG search feature often leads you to obscure references so you are better off following their links. Some other useful CG links are here to help you find relevant information. The National Maritime Center site provides licensing information. NVIC indexes provides a way to find the Navigational Vessel Inspection Circulars that you need. CGMIX provides CG freedom of information  info. like vessel names etc. The Marine Safety Center provides information on submitting plans for new construction etc. CFRs (33 and 46) give you the rules that govern marine activities.

Also very important for mariners is weather information. The weather channel gives similar information to that available on TV. Weather Underground provides more detailed technical information like predicted storm tracks for thunderstorms etc.

Marine suppliers and marine companies can be located in the Marine Yellow Pages

Paper Tennessee river charts (see below) are provided by the Army Corps of Engineers. They also provide Mississippi River Charts.

Marine related CFR booklets available from the Government Printing Office

  • 33CFR 125 to 199 Navigation and Navigable Waters
  • Subchapter L-Waterfront Facilities {parts 125 to 127}
  • Subchapter M-Marine Pollution Financial Responsibilities and Compensation {parts 130 to 137}
  • Subchapter N-Outer Continental Shelf Activities {parts 140 to 147}
  • Subchapter NN-Deepwater ports {parts 148 to 150}
  • Subchapter O-Pollution {parts 151 to 159}
  • Subchapter P-Ports and Waterways Safety {parts 160 to 167}
  • Subchapter S-Boating Safety {parts 173 to 183}

  • 46CFR 1 to 40 Shipping
  • Subchapter A-Procedures Applicable to the Public {parts 1 to 9}
  • Subchapter B Merchant Marine Officers and Seamen {parts 10 to 16}
  • Subchapter C-Uninspected Vessels {parts 24 to 28}
  • Subchapter D-Tank Vessels {parts 30 to 39}

  • 46CFR 41 to 69 Shipping
  • Subchapter E-Load Lines {parts 42 to 47}
  • Subchapter F-Marine Engineering {parts 50 to 64}
  • Subchapter G-Documentation and measurement of vessels {parts 67 to 69}

  • 46CFR 90 to 139 Shipping
  • Subpart I-Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels {parts 90 to 109}
  • Subchapter I-A-Mobile Offshore Drilling Units {parts 107 to 109}
  • Subchapter J-Electrical Engineering {parts 110 to 113}
  • Subchapter K-Small Passenger Vessels Carrying more than 150 passengers or with overnight accommodations for more than 49 passengers {parts 114 to 122}
  • Subchapter L-Offshore Supply Vessels {parts 125 to 134}

  • 46 CFR Parts 166 to 199
  • Subchapter R-Nautical Schools {parts 166 to 169}
  • Subchapter S-Subdivision and Stability {parts 170 to 174}
  • Subchapter T-Small Passenger Vessels (Under 100 Gross Tons) {parts 175 to 187}
  • Subchapter U-Oceanographic Research Vessels {parts 188 to 196}
  • Subchapter V-Marine Occupational Safety and Health Standards {parts 197 to 198}
  • Subchapter W-Lifesaving Appliances and Arrangements {part 199}

Towboat Deckhand and other job sites:

Alter Barge Lines is a relatively small company established in 1960.

American Commercial Barge Lines is a large company with both international and US operations.

Canal Barge Company is one of the most diverse marine transportation companies in the US.

Ingram Barge Lines is one of the largest operators of towboats in the United States.

Kirby Inland Marine is the largest operator of inland tank barges in the US.

Magnolia Marine Transport operates the US's largest asphalt transportation barge fleet.

Marine Publications:

  • US Coast Guard Pubs
  • Navigation Rules-Inland and International regulations book for all vessels over 65 feet LOA
  • Coast Pilot-provides information on shore-side facilities
  • Light List-contains information on aids to navigation
  • Tide Tables-gives tide information
  • Other Pubs
  • RCTM Radio Handbook-contains useful information on marine VHF and HF radio
  • Reeds Nautical Almanac-contains extracts of many of the CG sources above
  • The Ship's Medicine Chest-is a very good source for medical information while at sea
  • Modern Towing by John S. Blake is a good source of tug operational information
  • Shiphandling With Tugs by George H. Reid smaller than Blake's book but good information
  • Primer of Towing-is another of George Reid's books and this one is in paperback
  • Inland River Record by the Waterways Journal is an annual list of brown water boats

Marine Periodicals:

Boats and Harbors is a newspaper style publication with MANY ads for marine equipment and want ads for captains, etc.

Ocean Navigator is monthly magazine dedicated to the practice of offshore navigation (blue water navigators).

Professional Boat Builder is a bimonthly magazine for builders of small to medium sized vessels.

Professional Mariner is a monthly magazine primarily for inland marine professionals (brown water pilots). It reports so many marine casualties that captains at the Workboat Show in New Orleans refer to it as "Professional Mourner". 

The Waterways Journal is a weekly magazine for brown water towboat/barge industry.

Work Boat is a magazine for the brown water mariner.


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