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NCRiverRadar Trainer OBSOLETE

NCRiverRadar TRAINER is a program that uses known buoy locations and GPS or simulator (included) input to teach the basic use of marine radar. It includes sample buoy data files and instructions for making files for your area.  Any two-characters can represent a buoy or other displayed point. It includes instructions for serial cable connections for your GPS receiver. Also included is on-screen and web based help files. The Web help provides more in depth radar explanation and hints on selecting and using radar for your boat. A Windows 95 or later computer with mouse and available serial port (for GPS input) are required. The simulator power and rudder angle are controlled with the mouse. This software simulates a usable radar screen with variable display range plus target selection with target range and bearing information. Other enhanced capabilities are included.

The Example display above shows the simulated tug Chief, in a coastal application, going 10.4 knots at 035 degrees toward buoy 14 which is 0.72 nautical miles away. It will take approximately four minutes to reach the buoy at this course and speed from your CP (current position). The buoy information stored in the buoy data file for this buoy is "B14 56Ft." The displayed time comes from your computer or GPS with Zone Difference offset. This program has the normal controls found on recent, digital marine radar sets. There is also a logging feature to save cruise information. Black and white are used for the display for increased daylight readability on a laptop computer.

Other controls include F2 or Tab key to switch between course up or North up for the display. F1 or Escape takes you back to a help screen. Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow Keys activate and move the track ball for bearing and range measurement. The Enter Key "hooks" the nearest buoy and displays range and bearing. The Space Bar clears the track ball hook, etc. Page Up and Page Down increase or decrease the maximum range of the display.

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