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NavCal Marine Services LLC

Telltale Navigation Light Monitor (Under Development)

The NCTelltale1 is a navigation light switch panel with monitoring and indication capability. It indicates which lights are on by an appropriately colored LED. There are LEDs for port and starboard running lights, bow and stern running lights, two stern towing lights, and an anchor light. There are also  LEDs that indicate the state of charge of the main battery . This device is suited to small tow/utility boats, small tug boats, and recreational vessels. If a light is not functioning the associated LED will not glow when the light is switched on. The color coded LEDs are simple of indication of which lights are actually burning.

The NCTelltale2 is an intelligent navigation light switch panel with monitoring and indication capability. It is also capable of sensing when a primary light/lamp has failed and switching to a secondary light/lamp. It monitors and indicates the condition of primary battery and if necessary can automatically switch of a secondary battery. This device is recommended for larger or more critical vessels where the consistent presence of navigational lights is desirable. For each light a green LED indicates proper operation of the primary light/lamp. An amber LED indicates operation on the secondary light/lamp. A red LED and an alarm signal indicates the failure of both primary and secondary lights/lamps.

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